Duties Of An Accountant

Duties Of An Accountant

There are some recruiters who think that a person with so much experience will know how to handle the job roles of their company. According to the best accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai, all companies have a different operation flow and different way of working and that is why job roles change as well. All new employees need some sort of training when they join a new company. That is why some employees are hired on a week basis and their work is supervised to see if they understand the work or not.

But the basic job roles remain the same. If you are good with numbers and you can solve mathematical problems without sweating then we suggest that you become an accountant. There are different types of accountants, if you get hired by the govt entities, then you might as well have to handle the sector of VAT registration in Dubai. But many new accountants try to work with private companies to get basic and initial exposure. And here, you will know about the duties and job roles of an accountant. The first thing you have to do is prepare the accounts and tax return sheets.

You have to bring the ledgers to an equal level and having the same numbers as well. This can be time taking when being recruited in a new company. Because you have to see their daily expenses and the income as well. You will be checking all the budget and see the spending plans as well. You will be communicating with the old accountant of the company or you will be hooked up with the cashier or the financer of the company as well to get a better understanding of how the accounts work.

If you are not getting in touch with the old accountant then you have to spend more time in analyzing the financial performance and you might as well have to do auditing as well. And if there is no cashier or financer, then you have to work on finance forecasting and make report on the risk report. Here, you will be advising directly with the CEO and make new spending plans and budget as well. You will be making financial reports of everyday, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly and may be, of five years as well.

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