Little Girls Toys 3 to 4 Years – Barbie and the Diamond Castle Dolls

Barbie and the Diamond Castle Dolls is an extraordinary present for a little woman, and is among the most sweltering toys for 3 to 4 year old young ladies for 2008/2009. (Maker prescribed age is really 3 to 8 years.)

The dolls (Liana and Alexa) depend on characters from the film, “Barbie and the Diamond Castle” and are basically wonderful in themselves. Yet, there are various elements for these dolls that make them very extraordinary, and surprisingly more sure that practically any young lady would cherish them.

The dresses do a “mystical” change with a straightforward bend that turns their “normal” dresses into supernatural princess outfits. This is a great component that young ladies love.

Independently each doll pleasantly sings tunes from the “Barbie and the TPE Sex doll Diamond Castle” film

There is a wonderful jewelry that accompanies the doll illuminates when she sings and makes mysterious princess sounds

In case the two dolls are bought they can clasp hands and sing a two part harmony melody from the film.

Different characters and things from the film are likewise accessible as toys, for example, the Prince Ian Ken Doll, the supernatural Horse and carriage from the film, the Diamond Castle Glimmer(TM) horse and the Barbie and the Diamond Castle Playset (a sweetheart form of the palace from the film with lights, sounds and music).

Security note: The Barbie and the Diamond Castle dolls accompany some little pieces, and most certainly not suggested as a toy for a young lady more youthful than 3 years old.

Cost Information: These wonderful dolls from the “Young ladies Toys 3 to 4 Years” list retail at around $50.00, the dolls just as the other toys accessible can be found at a markdown cost from explicit shippers on the web.

Shopping Tips:

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