Easy Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Indoor Plants

Easy Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Indoor Plants

Water your indoor plants in Dubai regularly. Not enough water can kill your plant, while too much water can kill it. Also, make sure your plants are in the proper amount of sunlight and avoid placing them in areas with high indirect lighting. There are a few other easy ways to increase the lifespan of indoor plants. Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your plants for a longer time. And if you do have a green thumb, there are even more ways to increase the life span of your indoor plants.

Fertilize your plants:

You don’t need to spend hours every day watering and feeding your indoor plants, but they do need proper nutrients to thrive. Without the proper nutrients, your plants will be slow to grow and die sooner. Fertilizing your indoor plants is an easy way to increase the lifespan of your plants and make them last longer. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the fertilizer container to make sure your indoor plants get the best nutrients possible.

Choose low-maintenance plants that don’t require much care:

If you’d like to prolong the life of your indoor plants, you can take a few simple steps. Begin by choosing low-maintenance plants that don’t require much care. You can buy spider plants, which have striped leaves, and you don’t need to worry about watering them, as long as you keep them in a bright, sunny place. Spider plants also don’t need too much water and need only a liquid fertilizer every two or three months.

Hen and Chicken Fern:

For those who aren’t blessed with a green thumb, hardy houseplants like chicken fern and hen and chicken fern are an excellent option for your home. Not only will these plants fill a room with color and lush greenery, but they are also drought tolerant and require very little maintenance. These plants can last longer for many years.

Change the pots and soils regularly:

Plants can have shorter lifespans than their outdoor counterparts, but a few simple steps can significantly lengthen the life of your indoor plants. Indoor plants are prone to overgrowth, so if you don’t change the pot often, your plants might die within two to five years. When this happens, consider changing the soil and pot to a higher-quality, premium potting mix. Changing the soil is a key component of the life-extending process, so make sure to read the label and be consistent.

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